Transformers Alternity Nissan GTR Dai Atlas Revealed

Alternity though subsiding is still ongoing. This was disclosed by tformers/seibertron regarding an auction that has taken place in HK/China Yahoo Auction for Transformers Alternity Nissan GTR Dai Atlas (Aurora Flare Blue Pearl).

Transformers Alternity Nissan GTR Dai Atras was dubbed as an Asia Exclusive and it was due for release in November 2011.

Alternity Dai Atlas - front view of packaging
Alternity Dai Atlas - back view of packaging

Thanks to this auctioneer ‘lamp_250109’ who has posted images in the auction so that we can have a brief idea of how the packaging looks like.

Earlier TFSource has already release pics of how the actual robot is going to look like and with the revelation of the packaging, the whole hush-hush about this figure has eventually revealed entirely.

Alternity Dai Atlas - robot mode
Alternity Dai Atlas - alternate mode

Dai Atlas pays homage to his G1 Transformers Zone counterpart and this figure make use of the Transformers Alternity Convoy (Optimus Prime) mold.

For a better look or possibility to bid, if you understand Chinese, head over to Yahoo Hongkong


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